Can Anybody Sing?

In September 2012 Amanda’s much awaited book, Can Anybody Sing – Getting the best out of the voice you have, was launched in Singapore. Two years in the making, this book is the product of several decades of life experience gleaned from performing, teaching and metaphysical study. Renowned for her somewhat unorthodox approach to vocal training and irreverent approach to life, Amanda has peppered each chapter with intimate biographical stories, life coaching tips and solid technical information making this book one of a kind.


 “Amanda is more of a Guru than a vocal coach and has not created a technical manual on how to sing, but rather takes an extremely philosophical and holistic viewpoint towards the art of singing. If you are, what better way to set yourself straight from the start. Lucky you!”


KIT CHAN – Singer, Actress, Producer, Creative Director.

“To the singers of the future who aspire to greatness, I recommend this wonderful book. To those singers who wish to learn the secret, this book is a must!”


John Robertson – Director of Cameron Mackintosh’s Australia

“This new book is truly one of a kind! From the perspective of a remarkable teacher and performer, Colliver provides unique insight into the life and training process of professional singers across a range of genres. A fascinating and inspiring work for anyone who sings or wants to sing.”


JOAN MELTON, PhD, ADVS Writer, Researcher, Voice Coach, NYC

“Amanda’s book is a rare blend of wisdom and practical exercises drawing on her vast experience as a performer, teacher, and mentor. Her writing lays bare all the layers of misconception and half-baked theories that you and I might have about how to sing. “Can Anybody Sing?” is a road map and action plan that shows us how to fall in love with our voices, ourselves, and our lives.”


DEBORAH THURLEY – Mum, businesswoman, meditation and yoga teacher.

Amanda is a truly unique singing practitioner and this book reflects the kaleidoscopic colours of her teaching. In vivid detail she manages to portray the complex relationship between singing technique and artistry. This book is a welcome addition to the singing world”.


CHRIS NOLAN – Singer, composer, Arranger, Musical Director, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London

“Amanda understands that great work in acting, dancing, and singing not only come from the command of technique, but also from the emotional impulses deep inside the artist. Her book is a guide to finding those impulses and is laced with sound advice.”


ELLIS JONES – Head of Acting, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London

“Rather than being a how-to-do book, Can Anybody Sing? offers the reader a gateway to the place where singing and life are united.”


DR. JOHN SHARPLEY – Composer, co-founder Opera Viva Singapore

“Amanda is a woman of passion and positive energy. Her devotion and dedication to her work is evident in every chapter of this wonderful book. Read it and you will benefit beyond your expectations!”


VIKAS MALKANI – Founder – SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Centre for Personal Development

“I have long been intrigued by Amanda’s teaching approach after hearing many glowing testimonies from her students and witnessing many a stunning vocal outcome after her care. This book gives us great insight into the secrets of her success and provides an invaluable tool to all singers on their journey towards vocal and self- discovery. I highly recommend it to singers of all genres, including the shower-singer.”


DEBBIE PHYLAND – Speech Pathologist & Voice Consultant