Workshops & Masterclasses


The Akasha Voice Studio workshops, master-classes, and private sessions are all created and run by internationally acclaimed vocal guru and life skills coach Amanda Colliver. These innovative and enlightening courses offer fascinating insight into the causes of negative vocal symptoms, and provide tangible, practical skills that will help you change the way you use your voice and interact with others forever.


Workshops can take a few hours or a few days depending on the requirements of the participants, and although they can be structured to concentrate on specific areas of performance, they work mainly on deepening one’s awareness of breath control, support, projection, and vocal placement. Practical and enjoyable life coaching skills are part of the day to help participants understand and resolve performance anxiety, and vocal health is also an area of discussion, sorting fact from fiction on how to nurture and maintain a healthy voice for life. Workshops are structured to cater to all levels of expertise and groups are kept small to guarantee the maximum individual attention for all who attend.


In essence a master-class is a private singing lesson or a presentation that is opened up to the public. Individual singers or speakers present their selected piece of music or script and are given constructive feedback and technical suggestions on how to improve what they have just done. Those watching will often witness significant vocal change within as little as twenty minutes, which is not only inspiring, but also extremely interesting. Workshops take two and a half hours with time allocated at the end for a short forum discussion. All singing participants must have some degree of performance experience and be of a reasonable vocal standard.

Private Tuition

Private singing lessons are generally taken by those pursuing a singing career, or who have taken up singing as a serious hobby. As all performers are of differing voice types and are at different stages of development, great care and attention is taken to meet the specific needs of each student. Basic to advanced technical training, stylistic versatility, repertoire preparation, and presentational skills are all offered, with the added support of training materials such as CDs, books, and videos.


Available Workshops

Can Anybody Sing Sunday Series
(1st Sunday of every month – 2.5 hours)

The Can Anybody Sing Sunday Series combines a master-class, lecture, workshop and forum for an inspirational and informative afternoon on the first Sunday of every month.

Masterclass-45 mins

Two singers will perform a song of their choice and constructive feedback will be given for all round improvement.

15 min break

Lecture– 30mins

A short lecture will be given on a selected chapter from Can Anybody Sing?

Workshop1 hour

A workshop involving all participants will be given to explore and physicalize the content of the chapter presented in the lecture.


An open discussion and questions about the happenings of the day are encouraged and welcomed.

Charismatic Communication
(half day/full day workshop)

Communicating is not only about being heard, but also about being understood and therefore it is essential that we learn to speak with confidence, clarity, authenticity, and strength. Unfortunately for many of us the simple act of speaking can become fraught with pressure and anxiety when faced with the expectations of friends, family, colleagues, business associates or a paying audience, but luckily this is neither natural nor necessary. Wouldn’t you love to be able to stand up in front of an audience without feeling inhibited or self-conscious, and wouldn’t you love to be able to share who you are and the knowledge you have with joy and confidence?

The Charismatic Communication workshops will help you-

  • Present yourself with confidence and power using body awareness exercises and fun improvisational games.
  • Understand and resolve the side effects of fear through lecture-based information about how the subconscious, conscious and intuitive parts of the brain respond to confronting situations.
  • Use your voice to inspire others and command attention by exploring the sounds you were born with and using them effectively.
  • Develop an authentic and powerful persona in front of a group of people through the sharing of your personal stories.
  • Receive constructive feedback for all round improvement.
  • Charismatic Communication for women
  • Charismatic Communication for performers (unisex)

 Suitable for anyone with the desire to communicate charismatically and confidently.



“Thank you. I would love to attend Amanda’s workshop which stretches over 3 days, so as to fully benefit from her immense experience.”

– Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur (Teacher / ACS Independent)

“A meaningful experience.”

– Mrs. Runima Borah Tandon (Teacher / ACS Independent)

“Amanda does well in addressing the doubts that we as participants have. Amanda’s strength lies in being able to detect participants who are ‘lost’.”

– Mrs. Tan Boon Yen (Teacher / North Vista Secondary School, Singapore)

“I definitely benefited from this workshop. Enjoyed all the activities, especially Amanda’s analysis of our individual concerns.”

– Mr. Brian Conner (Teacher / ACS Independent)

“The activities in this workshop are fun and beneficial. Amanda does well in addressing our individual concerns and views. Instead of difficult technical terms, Amanda uses enjoyable activities and exercises to demonstrate and explain vocal concepts. As a result, we all understood better and learnt more.”

– Mrs. Neo Bee Juat (Teacher / Peirce Secondary School)

“The lessons taught are applicable in real-life. Amanda is not only knowledgeable, but also, very approachable.”

– Ms. Joanna Ng Soo Hua (Teacher / Bukit Batok Secondary School)

“Inspirational! This workshop has made me think and use my voice differently.”

– Ms. Georgette Yu (Lecturer / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts)

“The voice exercises were enjoyable! Amanda’s passion for her craft is apparent.”

– Mr. Felix Cheong (Lecturer / Lasalle College of the Arts)




Mana Huggan – singer

“Now I’m seriously inspired to sing!”

Julinda Mega – Business woman

“Great workshop-thank you for teaching me not only about my voice, but also about myself.”

Rebecca Eu – Student

“I loved the workshop so much but the time went by too fast. I learnt so much and can’t wait to put it into practice.”

Jessica Fernando – Actress, singer/ Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

“This workshop is amazing! I got to understand my anxiety and to accept that it is a part of me. It was comforting to know that most people felt the same way.”

Serena Seah – Business woman

“Great workshop. I loved the free flowing structure without the normal rigidity of a structured workshop. The master class was amazing. Seeing singers gain more confidence before my eyes was awesome. I wish I had taken the time to sing too!!”

Karlyne WangProduction Assistant HBO

“Amanda, you are giving us such valuable skill and insights. I feel there is finally hope that I can one day complete a song that is beyond one octave and not be booed out of the room.”

Keng – Fun Loh

“You speak to our bodies, our minds, our voices and our souls. You are so ‘necessary’ as you are someone who encourages us to climb the highest mountains and become better people because of it.”

Maya Tozziactress, singer

“You are so gifted Amanda. The energy and the feeling of community was brilliant and safe.”

Alistaire TanBusinessman

“I love you! More please!!!!”

Juan JacksonSinger, Actor, Photographer

“Great workshop! I learned a lot and having the opportunity to perform in a safe environment was marvelous.”

Jake Ong – School teacher/singer

“Loved every minute of it!”

Jozef Koda – Costume designer Resorts World Sentosa

“Fantastic! I was completely ignorant about my voice until this workshop. I learnt techniques that were practical and relevant so now I have the knowledge and confidence to explore my voice and its capabilities.”

Emida Natalaray

“One of the greatest workshops I have ever been to. It has taught me not only what to do and why I should do it, but also how to do it. Two thumbs up!!”

Jackie Liong

“Finally someone who takes the time to clearly explain the areas of singing that most of us don’t understand. A ‘must’ for anyone struggling to find the voice of their dreams”.

John Murphy

“In just one day Amanda gives wonderful insight into the techniques and mindset necessary to make the ideal vocal sound. Amazingly enlightening!”

Valerie Choo

“Amanda does not lie when she says anybody can sing. So many of the insights this workshop provides can easily be used in every day life to encourage confidence and awareness.”

Lin Ling