“In The Beginning There Was Sound And In That Sound Is You”

– A. Colliver

Our voices are one of the most unique things about us, but cultural influences, confidence issues or a simple lack of technical information prevent us from using them clearly, strongly and authentically. We are all on the merry-go-round of life, but each of us is at a different stage of development and therefore in need of different nurture, attention and time.

To tell a sapling that it will never become a tree is to stunt its growth, just as to tell someone that they don’t have the capacity to express themselves denies them the creative potential that belongs to us all. Put simply, those who communicate fearlessly are aligned with who and what they truly are, which makes them powerful and charismatic leaders. Those who don’t are simply unable to see that they too possess light, they too deserve to be heard, and that they too have the ability to shine.

Singing Tips